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Odin, The Microdosing Journal is your best guide to successfully incorporate microdosing in your daily life.

It is designed in a way that takes you through all the essential stages of your microdosing journey.

  • In the introductory part, you’ll find information about psychedelics, microdosing, benefits, and intaking protocols.
  • The second part is designed to help you find your microdosing dose. Everyone’s threshold is different, and finding the sweet spot will ensure you gain all the benefits that microdosing can offer.
  • The third part will help you track your experience systematically, during days on and off. Systematic tracking is essential because it helps you gather personal data about how micro dosing impacted you in various areas of your life and it helps you readjust your microrosing to optimize your personal and emotional growth.

This journal is for everyone who’s decided to plug into the life force, shift their perspective and expand their lives, but has no idea how to start. It will guide you through your microdosing journey, from choosing your substance, finding your dose, selecting the intaking protocol to offer a structured way to track your experiences daily.

Why the need to track your microdosing experience?

In a 2019 study evaluating the motives and challenges that users experienced while microdosing, it was revealed that despite the ever-increasing prevalence within our culture, and with it, educational resources on the world wide web, micro-dosers still don’t know how much to dose (67%), nor do they have a systematic approach to tracking their experience. Unfortunately, this leads to people giving up on their microdosing journey before they can experience any of the positive effects that they may have sought – benefits impacting focus, energy levels, creativity, and/or a positive mood boost.

This is for you if:

  • You’re curious about microdosing with psychedelics, but you don’t know where to start
  • You need a guide to walk you through the initial process
  • You’ve tried microdosing before but you didn’t experience the benefits and you’d like to give it another try

Some of the reported benefits:


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